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Route: Tbilisi – Davit Gareja – Ninocminda monastery – Bodbe – Sighnaghi –Tbilisi


Tbilisi In the morning you will drive to Kakheti region and visit cave monastery David Gareji –this  is the largest complex of monasteries in Georgia. It includes Davit’s Lavra, Dodos Rka (Dodo’s Horn), Natlismtsemeli (Baptist), Bertubani (Monks’ Place), Udabno, Tsamebuli, Kolagiri, etc. In the past their total number amounted to twelve, which gave rise to the name of the place “Twelve Monasteries of Gareji”. The monastery was founded by Assyrian Father Davit of Gareja who came to this place with his student Lucian in the 6th century.

After that you will see how Georgian nuns are living at the convent Ninocminda –here was built the first domed church in Georgia  in V-VI century, today there is the remnants of the first temple, 4 stored bell tower and  new small basilica.

On the way to Bodbe you will have opportunity to see how Georgian bread is baking in Tone.

Bodbe  is  also a monastery for nuns, history ascribes building and decorating the temple to the first Christian King of Georgia Mirian and his son Bakar. This is where St. Nino, enlightener of all Georgians, died and was buried. The church acquired its current shape in the 9th century orthodox tourists if they would like they can bath in spring, which was erected after saint Nino’s praying and if human have ace of something after washing there every pane will disappear.

The last stop will be in Sighnaghi - you will be able to walk in the streets of this city which was the place of  merchants, craftsmen and traders of XVIII century.
The name of the town comes from Turkish word “Siğnak” meaning a shelter – has had a rich history as a central hub for tradesmen and artisans. It occupies nearly 40 ha of land and circumference of the wall is 2.5 km. The fortress has 23 towers and 5 entrances. Also you will visit  Signaghi  museum  which  exhibits Archeology, Ethnography and Medieval expositions.


On the way back you will have dinner at the traditional Georgian restaurant.

          Service  includes: transportation;
                                    guide service; 
                                   museum tickets;
                                  dinner at the restaurant;
                                  bottle of mineral water for per person.

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