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If you want rafting on Georgian rivers, to feel adrenaline and to have unforgettable impressions tour operator LOOK TRAVEL offer rafting tour packages of different difficulty and for different requests.
We can give you only equipment or we can offer all inclusive service: Equipment, transportation and dinner.
                                                       Rafting on Mtiuleti’s Aragvi
Difficulty rate: 2 – 3
Route length: 13 km
Duration: 20 minutes

Mtiuleti’s Aragvi, White aragvi is river in Kazbegi and Dusheti Municipalities. It come from the north-west part of volcanic upland Keli, 3180 metres from sea level, near Pasanauri it connects with Gudamakri’s (Black) Aragvi, lenght 41km.

Tour will starts at the beginning of Gudamakari and ends in village Meneso.

                                                       Rafting on Pshavi’s Aragvi
Difficulty rate: 2 – 3
Route length: 15 km
Duration: 1h. and 30 min.

Pshavi’s Aragvi is a river on the south west part of the Tusheti – Mtiuleti’s Caucasus mountains, 2895 metres form sea leve. Length 56 kilometres. It is the main rier of Pshavi and starts from the Borbalo and Botano’s mountains.

Tour starts from the village Magharoskari 4 km above – at Kopala temple and end in the village Tvalivi.

                                                          Rafting on the Mtkvari near Vardzia
There are three routes:
1)  Mirashkhani – Tmogvi fortress, 8km, difficalty rate 2 – 4

Village Mirashkhani is in Samtskhe-Javakheti region near of border between Georgia and Turkey.

Tmogvi fortress is a historical place in Javakheti, on the left side of river Mtkvari (village Tmogvi for nowdays). Firstly in historical sources it mentioned in X century.

2) Vardzia – village Pia, 6 km, route difficalty 4 – 5

 Pia is a village in south Georgia, Aspindza municipality. Is situated on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, 1400 metres from sea level.

3) Khertvisi – Aspindza, 10 km, difficulty rate 1 – 2

Khertvici is a fortress of middle ages, is situated in the south part of Georgia Javakheti in the village Khertvisi near the Paravani and Mtkvari confluence on the hight rock.

                                                          Rafting on the Mtkvari near Borjomi

There are two options of the start point – in spring (April, May), village Kvabiskhevi, since June when water level decreases – at Chitakhevi dam. Accordingly the lengths of the routes are: 12 km and 8 km. Tour ends in Borjomi.

                                                                             Rafting on Rioni

1) Oni-Ambrolauri, 30 km, difficulty rate 2-4,
2)Tvishi Canyon, 8km, difficulty rate 2-4
                                       Participants will be held a special training before rafting (20-30 minutes).

Rafting will be conducted by 8-10 seat standard rafting boats.
Every boat is accompanied by a qualified instructor!

 Rafting season starts from the 22nd of April and lasts till the 15th of October.


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