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                                   The  tale  became  real!!! – Resting at Maldives
Resting at Maldives islands is – Exclusive tourist destination  which leads in the world’s best holiday destination places, offering luxury hotels, spa and massage centers, restaurants and exotic adventure tours. Maldives is a paradise for diving, there are lots of exotic fish, beautiful corals and colorful shells.
Islands are considered as one of the most romantic places on the earth, they seem to be designed for couples. There are on Indian Ocean 850 km length. The country has 1190 miniature islands. Every resort is on the uninhabited island. Here comes that kind of  people who likes calm and quiet resting, however, there is an Italian hotel chain where the night life is active.
Useful information
Visa for citizens of Georgia isn’t needed.

Payments - Maldives has a system of “Alia – Card”,you don’t have to pay in cash, at  bars and restaurants you can just sign a check and on departure you should cover the subscription checks at the hotel. You can pay in dollars and exchange to local currency is not required. All credit cards are accepted.

 Keep in mind that 10% of all services will be added to your account. To control your account, you need to turn on TV and select the option “Account”.

The climate  is moderate. From November to April, the average temperature is 26-30 degrees. Rainy season (May to October) is characterized by brief, sudden rain.

As a souvenier  you can buy sea shells, shark teeth, wooden fishes, photos of amaizing islands, Ceylon tea in a beautifully decorated boxes. When you will be back at home all this things will remind you about the days which you spent at deligtful Maldives.

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