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Georgia population

Georgia is a multinational state but not like Central Asian countries. The most numerous are Caucasians. 70% of them are Georgians including such ethnic groups as the Megrels and Svans living high in the mountains in the gorges among the Major Caucasus ridges. They differ mainly in dialects as well as in some modes of life aspects, customs etc. The other Georgian provinces are inhabited by Kartmians, Imeretians, Kazhtinians, Meskhs, Rachians, Lechkhums, Pshavs, Khevsurs, Mtiuls, Hirians, Adzharians and others.

The ethnic minorities are represented by Armenians who came to Georgia in the 19 th century, Azerbaijanians, Adzharians, Ossetins, and Abkhazians. Abkhazians are the special ethnic group with the autonomous territory. Ossetins (Iran language speaking people of the Major Caucasus) are concentrated mainly in the former South-Ossetian autonomous region. Adzharians (Georgians who accepted Islam during Turkish oppression) have their own autonomous republic. Jews, Assyrians, Kurds and Tatars represent  very small ethnic groups.


The official language of the country is Georgian,  on the territory of Abkhazia is Abkhazian. The Georgian language is related to Kartvelian group of Caucasian language family which also includes Megrelian, Svan and Lazian languages.

Georgian Alphabet

Georgian language is the only one among all Caucasian languages which has ancient alphabet. The unique lettering has no analogs in the world. Georgian alphabet consists of 33 symbols (5 vowels and 28 consonants). Georgian words are read from left to right.

The Abkhazian language belongs to Abkhazian -Adyg group of Caucasian languages and has used Cyrillic since 1954.

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