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to have unforgettable adventure in Georgia, in the country of diverse nature and landscape.
From different hunting tours, which we are offering, hunting Caucasian Tur is really a special
The Eastern Caucasusian Tour, a famous and esteemed trophy for serious hunters, lives
among the many valleys that run along the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains.
By international trophy classification East Caucasian Tur is labeled as goat in Capra World
Slam and as sheep in Ovis World Slam. However we believe that it is a goat by nature. That’s
why creator has gifted it with nice, long beard.
The Western Caucasian Tur, also a valuable trophy that is distinguished by slightly different
shaped horns, lives in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains.
In addition to the Caucasian Tur, the Caucasus Mountains are home to many different species fit to entice a dedicated hunter, including chamois, bear, Caucasian
grouse and Snowcock.
While those species live at lower altitudes than the Caucasian Tur, hunting them requires physical strength and skill.Bagging a Caucasian Tur is a feat of true sportsmanship, requiring the hunter to
navigate mountainous terrain. During the hunting season the Tur live at altitudes of
2500 to 3500 meters, which means hunters must be in good shape to get as close
as 200-350 meters from the target for a single shot “at the moment of truth.”
We obtain all necessary licenses for hunting trips and take full responsibility to conduct
tours in compliance with Georgian law and hunting regulations.
The hunting licenses are limited by the government and are issued according to special
quotas. Caucasian Safari applies for all necessary licenses in advance to guarantee every
hunter gets their desired trophy.
Yearly bookings on some species (Tur, Chamois, Bezoar, Bear), are very much required for
provision of hunting tours from our company.
We are organizing hunting in many regions of Georgia, on the territories allowed by law and
All hunting tours in the mountains (tur, chamois, bezoar, grouse, snowcock, also bear hunting) are usually conducted on free territories.
Caucasus Safari enjoys strong partnerships with local hunting farms. They usually offer
hunting of wild boar, roe deer, hares, marten, pheasants, rock partridge, ducks, etc. As all
those species can be hunted in farms as well as on free territories. We are choosing areas
and design programs based on season, particular conditions, logistics and etc.
Mountain hunting (tur, chamois, etc) usually last for four- five hunting days. For other types
of hunting (Bear, Dear, etc) we are planning 3-4 hunting days.
Depending on flight schedule for Arrival/Departure and after hunting time plans, a
minimum of two overnights in the cities of arrival must be considered. Caucasian Safari
always strives to be flexible in planning in order to accommodate our guests’ wishes and

Hunters can take trophies back home with them, or Caucasian Safari can arrange for a
Georgian taxidermist to process and send it later.
When hunters prefer to transport trophies home, Caucasian Safari is providing field and
primary processing. An international veterinary certificate will be also obtained.
Hunters are expected to bring three seasonal sleeping bags when the hunting trip includes
camping in tents. We also strongly suggest bringing comfortable shoes for use in the
camps and for light hiking. In addition to personal hunting equipment, boots and clothing
is required for every type of hunting envisioned during the trip, i.e. waterfowl, upland, Big
Game. When hunting in remote areas of the Caucasus Mountains visitors are expected to
bring: a rucksack, daypack, water bottle, torch, sunhat, sun cream, as well as warm and
rainproof clothing.

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